The winners press conference (pics!)

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Marie N, who admitted that during the whole week in Tallinn she never thought she could win the contest, a had a short message to Latvia: “Firstly, I want to say “Thank You!”. Secondly, “Sorry!”. And now I want say “WOW!“.

When Marie N entered the press conference, the Latvians in the hall welcomed her shouting “o-lee-o-lee-o-lee-oleeee-Latviaaaaa-Latviaaaa.” And since there was a crowd at the front of the room, Maire once again climbed onto the desk and posed for the photographers.

Marie admitted that she doesn't realize what's really going on, but that Latvia must be facing a little problem! When asked what Riga has to offer Eurovision visitors next year, she replied that the right place to host Eurovison doesn't actually excist at the moment – so they'll have to start building one tonight. Two days ago she said: “If I'll win, then I'll drink.” “Tomorrow morning I'll wake up and really think what really happened, she laughed. Then she's going home, will probably have another press conference in Riga and then drink again.

Marie also resurrected the subject of languages at Eurovision. She again expressed her feeling that Eurovision should be a contest in which national identity is more highly regarded. Though her own song was in English, she would really love to change the rules and re-establish the regulation that all participants sing in their native language.

Marie's performance, said to be the best of the whole contest, was what she thought had given her extra points. Sh added that a song contest on radio is just a song contest, but on television she believes there has to be a show.

When a German reporter asked her what's really going on with Eurovision so that small countries like Estonia and Latvia keep winning it, she replied: “Forget what you're doing, forget that you're Germans, forget the 1st place, just give a little warmth in your performance.” For which she earned a rapturous round of applause.

(Photo: André Bandera – copyright – all rights reserved)

(Photo: André Bandera – copyright – all rights reserved)

(Photo: André Bandera – copyright – all rights reserved)

(Photo: André Bandera – copyright – all rights reserved)

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