Latvia won the 47th Eurovision Song Contest

by Sietse Bakker 287 views

Against all regular expectations, Latvia won the 47th Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn, Estonia. Malta ended up second and Estonia third.

Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden were rated high in the polls, but ended up unexpected low. For those countries, the low result is a double shock.

The race was very close during the voting procedure between Latvia and Malta, following France far behind those two. Very unsual were 0 points from Germany to Turkey.

Nothing can be sayd yet about the relegated countries for next year, because it's not yet known how many new countries will appear at the Eurovision Song Contest. Generally it's been said that all countries under 14 will definately be relegated for next year. You can find the final outcoming in the 2002 section on the participants page.

Af course, Latvia won the Eurovision Song Contest and it's said that the contest will be held in Riga next year. After Latvia, also ETV is a winner ! They organised a high-quality Eurovision Song Contest with which they surprised Europe. Estonia can say it presented itself on a professional, creative way to Europe and the rest of the world.

More about the contest later on !

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