Daz goes on-record

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Earlier today, we covered news about Daz Sampson's tragic loss of his father and his attempts to re-enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, this evening, Daz spoke for the first time to a Eurovision website about the situation and why he kept the news secret. He also explains why he is uncomfortable about why the news has come out now.

esctoday.com asked Daz why this news came out now…
"Actually, it was from an interview I gave about four weeks ago. I don’t want anyone to think that this news is me trying to get any sympathy from this. It’s not new news and I haven’t really spoken about this. We decided not to say anything in Athens, and I'm glad we didn't. I waited 30 years to get to Eurovision and I had to take that chance. Of course it was hard, but I had a performance to give. I'm a strong character and I had to get on with it.

I’ve not given any interviews about my father or spoken to anyone until now for that reason because I want a fair chance to represent the UK again, and I don't want any sympathy votes. It's important that people vote on the songs as they sound, not on history. The information in the Stockport news was taken from an obituary in their own paper. They asked me about it, so I commented. I didn't want this to become a story, I want to talk about the future and the positives, I’m busy, I’m happy and I’m concentrating on my music".

Daz on the possibility of representing the United Kingdom in 2007:
"We’ve told the BBC about the project with Carol, it's a great song, and I hope we can be in the show again this year. If we don’t get through to the finals this time, I’ll still be enthusaitic about the UK and the Eurovision Song Contest.I’ll be there regardless, it’s only an hour and a half on a plane from Manchester, and I can't wait to go back to Eurovision, either as a singer or a fan supporting whoever gets the chance to represent the United Kingdom. It's an honour, and it's a great experience".

Daz also confirmed that he will be bringing in 2007 in Malta:
"Yes, I’m off to Malta. It’s an MTV event for new year's. I'll be performing Teenage life at an early evening event with a couple of Maltese singers. Then I’m doing a gig with Uniting Nations at an event later on to bring in the new year. So, I hope to see all your Malta singers at the party. And I want to wish a merry christmas to the readers and everyone at esctoday. Thanks to everyone that supported me this year".

esctoday.com would like to thank Daz for giving us his comments and wish him a merry christmas and a happy new year.

… and for anyone that didn't realise the global success that Daz can be proud of, click the play icon below!


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