Edsilia: I want to sing in Dutch!

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As reported on Saturday, Edsilia Rombley will represent the Netherlands again at the Eurovision Song Contest. Today the 28 years old singer spoke on television in the Netherlands and confirmed that she has a preference to sing in Dutch! She also said that some of the songs on her upcoming album will be used for the selection show, and that she is welcoming songs from other composers before the final songs are chosen.

The daily Dutch showbusinesstelevision show RTL Boulevard interviewed Edsilia this evening. Marco Borsato, the Netherlands' most popular singer, was chief editor of the show today.Marco praised Edsilia for her courage to accept the Eurovision Song Contest challenge for the second time. However, he never seemed to have considered a participation himself.

Edsilia made clear again that she would prefer to sing in Dutch in Helsinki. "Actually, I think all participants should sing in their own language. I'm really enjoying singing in Dutch!". So it seems that we can expect a Dutch song again at the Eurovision Song Contest after a period of 9 years! It's the same Edsilia that sang the last song in the Dutch language, back at the 1998 event. Then she finished 4th with the song Hemel en aarde.

Edsilia also said she will starta theatre show in January, which was strongly recommended by Marco. "I love her energetic way of performing andEdsilia truly wants to connect with her audience"!. Next to the theatre show, her new album will be launched early February. This album might contain her song for Helsinki. As she revealed last saturday in Paul de Leeuw's show Mooi! Weer de Leeuw, she will select 3 or 4 songs from her forthcoming album Meer Dan Ooit (More than ever). However, Edsilia also invited songwriters to write a song for her which should lead to a Dutch victory after 32 years!

Full tracklist of Edsilia's new album:
  1. Ik hou je vast
  2. Een keer meer dan jij (album version)
  3. Dan ben ik van jou
  4. Wat heb je nodig?
  5. Het gaat maar door
  6. Alles & niets (duet with Pieter 'BEEF' Both)
  7. Uitgewist
  8. Waar was jij?
  9. Ik ben wie ik ben
  10. Mijn verlangen vandaag
  11. Laat me gaan
  12. Over & uit
  13. Meer dan ooit (with Candy Dulfer)
  14. Hemel & aarde

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