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In addition to today�s earlier news from Bosnia and Herzegovina, further information is now available. National broadcaster, PBS BIH, has now published the rules for song submissions and given a deadline for submitting songs of 29th December. They state that the songs considered must be pop, rock or �zabavna� (traditional ethnic popular music).

Earlier today, exclusively confirmed the full timetable for the Bosnia-Herzegovina selection show. There will be a press conference on December 29th, the announcement of the singer or group in January and finally, after the song has been selected, it will be officially presented on Sunday 4th March. You can read the full article here.

This year, the nationality rule has been removed, so the singer or the composer can come from any country. The only thing that matters is that he or she must be older then 16 years and she or he can’t sing for any other country. Dnevni Avaz reports that the BH Eurosong project team has already received several applications from authors and composers from all over the former Yugoslavia and songs from further afield.

The rules state that the song must be written in Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian for selection, but it can still be translated and sung in any language at the Eurovision Song Contest. The author must grant a licence for the words to be translated into English, French or any other language, including host country or any other particpating country for promotional purposes.

Earlier, and partner website announced that Dejan Kukric will be head of the BH Eurosong project. We can now confirm that the complete project team also includes:

  • Ninoslav Verber – musical producer
  • Ivan Stojanovic – chief producer of project
  • Sabina Bavcic Zecevic – public relations
  • Nermin Durmo – manager

In today’s edition of Bosnian newspaper, Dnevni Avaz, they have published a list of potential authors of the next Bosnian entry. There are three big names mentioned. The first Toni Huljic, lead singer of Magazin (Croatia, Eurovision Song Contest 6th, Nostalgija), and composer of Croatian entry Maria Magdalena from 1998 (4th place, Doris Dragovic). The second one is Goran Bregovic, who was a leader singer in Bijelo Dugme, a very popular band across the former Yugoslavia. They returned to the stage recently to play three spectacular concerts in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade after more then 20 years of silence. Bregovic is know for his music all over the world. His last project was sound track of well known comedy movie Borat. The third name mentioned is Dino Saran.

Special thanks to Amra Nadarevic of OGAE Bosnia Herzegovina for translations and special knowledge.

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