The Netherlands: Anouk reschedules shows

by Stephane London 251 views

Dutch superstar Anouk has announced the rescheduled dates for her October postponed show, in the meantime,  some amateur videos of her performances are to be found on YouTube.

Anouk had to cancel her concert part of the Symphonica in Rosso festival on Sunday 20 October 2013 due to voice problems. She was suffering from inflamed and swollen vocal cords and the concert she did the Friday before that cancelled performance, prevented her from performing that evening. The good news is that Anouk managed to recover and perform for the following dates, but she has also rescheduled the cancelled date later this year. However, the original venue, the massive Gelredome in Amsterdam, where Anouk performed several times in the past, is not available, therefore the organisers have decided to use a smaller and more intimate venue and add an extra date to cover the high demand from the public.

Anouk will perform 2 concerts with Guido’s Orchestra on 16 and 19 December 2013 at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

Lots of videos made by concert goers have been uploaded on YouTube from her October performances, including some of her symphonic rendition of her Eurovision Song Contest hit Birds.

What song(s) of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest would like to see performed with a symphonic orchestra? Leave your comments bellow.