Iceland: Eythor Ingi in concert

by Jessica Weaver 513 views

It has been revealed that Eythor Ingi, the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest representative for Iceland, will be performing in concert on the 8 November 2013 at the Íþróttahúsið Iða

Eythor Ingi will be performing along with his band Atomskáldin; both of whom will be performing cover versions of some old rock classics from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple and Steelheart. As well as that, they will also be performing some songs from their upcoming album Kór FSu, an Icelandic choir, will also be at the concert.

Eythor & Atomskáldin have recently released a new single called Hárin Rísa, which has been revealed as their first single from their album.

Hárin Rísa

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