EXCLUSIVE: Domestic Final tickets sold out! UPD

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The annual frenzy for getting tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest has begun once again. Accross Europe and beyond, thousands upon thousands of fans are attempting to contact the official ticket service for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. In Finland, seats reserved for Finnish fans sold out in just 13 minutes!
esctoday.com wish all fans the best of luck in obtaining tickets and will update this article throughout the day with news about ticket sales.

Here are the all important number:

  • For fans living in Finland: 0600 10909
  • For international fans: + 358 3036 00 30

On Tuesday 12th December at 8:00 AM (Central European Time), any and all remaining tickets will be sold through the internet. The five per customer packages and individual tickets limit will be removed then. The internet address is : http://www1.ticketservicefinland.fi/Start

Tickets reserved over the internet or by phone must be purchased within three days. Payment can be made through most major credit cards, Paypal is not accepted though, so buyers will have to give their credit card details over the phone. Paid tickets will be e-mailed or mailed to customers inside a ticket folder from which we will get a first idea of the event’s visual look.

Please feel free to react to this article with your experiences in trying to obtain tickets. We understand that this is a stressful time (many editors will be trying to obtain tickets too as we are an independent organisation and do not receive tickets from any official party). Under these stresses, we kindly ask that please try to keep your reactions clean, fair and free from bad language (yes, the moderators will have one eye on the redial button too!).


So far, there are serious problems for international fans. Many are receiving a variety of messages giving reasons for not being able to connect. These include 'the user is busy', 'your call cannot be connected' and 'the number is incorrect'.

The problem is currently that the international circuits connecting to Finland are overloaded, so systems are becoming confused. Once the number of international connections to Finland reduces, it should be possible to connect to the ticket office. Of course, some fans are getting through, particularly to the domestic sales line.

We can also confirm that international fans that reach the ticket office for domestic sales are being denied tickets. Fans based outside of Finland that are attempting tobuy tickets will only be able to do so via the international ticket line.

We have received news that ticket sales on the domestic line have been going well. All tickets for domestic fans have now sold out for the final, in just 13 minutes! There are only semi-final tickets and package tickets left. No further news about remaining tickets for international fans is yet available

International fans are now getting through to the ticket line. Tickets for the final are now 95% sold out. The only tickets available for the final are through the 390 euro package. We are also receiving complaints that the tickets cannot be paid for over the phone and fans are waiting for email confirmations with their bill.

There also seem to be communications problems due to the different pronounciations of letters when the operators are taking email addresses and postal addresses.


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