Exclusive: Henree feat. Nikka considering Eurovision

by Itamar Barak 137 views

According to a member of their management team, the duo Henree featuring Nikka, are likely to represent Israel at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. Esctoday.com got the duo's comment in this issue.

DJ Henree and his vocalist Nikka have been very successful in Israel in the last year. Their high-tempo hits have been playing constantly on Israeli radio, in English and Hebrew. Their success could be the result of the ambiguousness Nikka kept, concerning her gender. It has only been revealed lately thay Nikka was born as Abraham, a male.

The name of the successful duo has been tossed lately into the speculations about the Israeli entrant to the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. The duo's PR manager, Alon Amir who worked closely withDana International forthe 1998 competitionexclusively told esctoday.com that"We have heard the rumours about the Eurovision Song Contest and we think it's briliant. We have not been approched yet by IBA to be the official entry , but in case they will, Henree and Nikka wil consider it with a positive approach". Sources at esctoday.com say that the IBA are looking for a high-tempo act that will create a big buzz in order to pass through the semi final.

All this comes in continuation to an interview with IBA's chief executive this weekend on Yediot Ahronot newspaper. He stated in the interview that Israel and the IBA will continue particiapting in the Eurovision Song Contest in the future, although the song conest is at a less priority now, when the broadcaster is undergoing changes. According to his statements, there won't be any public national finals in the coming years. The Israeli entrants will be selected from 2007 and on by an internal selection.

Click Play to watch Henree and Nikka's hit Bgida (Betrayal), which is a cover of an old Rita's (Israel 1990) song.


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