by Benny Royston 108 views, the largest independent Eurovision Song Contest website, is launching an annual awards programme of our own. The World Music Awards, Brits, Grammies and CMAs, may be televised and star studded, but we believe in giving a voice to the readers and fans of the best music competition in the world! members of will get the chance to vote on a series of awards covering the year of 2006.

The first ever Awards will begin next week when we announce the nominees for the awards. The full list of categories can be found at the end of this article and readers can go to Boum Bana Boom, our partner forum, now to to discuss who they want to see nominated! We also invite our readers to make suggestions through the reactions section below.

The 2006 Awards will announce the full list of nominations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006, National Finals 2006, Previous Participant, Editor Awards will be published next week. The Fans and Outstanding Contribution Award will be decided by a select panel from the team.

The categories for the Awards, 2006 are:

Eurovision Song Contest 2006

  • Song of the year
  • Performance of the year
  • Composer of the year
  • Commentator of the year
  • Video of the year
  • Best male performance
  • Best female performance
  • Best band performance
  • Best dressed performer(s)
  • Worst dressed performer(s)

National Finals 2006

  • Best national final 2006
  • Best national final performance
  • Best overall entry not to qualify for Eurovision
  • Male performance not to qualify for Eurovision
  • Female performance not to qualify for Eurovision
  • Band performance not to qualify for Eurovision

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006

  • Song of the year
  • Singer of the year
  • Performance of the year teamAwards

  • Article of the year
  • Best editor of the year
  • Best esctoday.comnewcomer
  • Best partner-website of the year

Fans Awards

  • Most useful contributor to the reactions
  • Most informative fan of the year

Previous Participant of the Year
This award will recognise the achievements of a former Eurovision Song Contest participant for their work and activities during 2006.

Outstanding Contribution Award
The winner of thisaward will chosen by the editorial team. It can be awarded to a member of the team, a fan, a performer, a broadcaster or or anyone connected with the Eurovision Song Contest to recognise their contribution to the musical event. This award is not time sensitive and can be awarded for the winner's efforts and dedicated service to the Eurovision Song Contest since it's creation.

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