Tooji leads a rebellion with his comeback single

by Gabriel Vivas 299 views

Tooji, the 2012 Norwegian representative in Baku, is back to the music scene with his new single Rebels to be released on iTunes on 20 September.

After taking a short break from music, the Persian Prince from Oslo is back with a new, and controversial, look and a new sound. Tooji describes Rebels as a dramatic pop-dance song, with lots of organic elements blended with disco.

According to the 28 years old singer, we all should be rebels and pull ourselves out of our comfort zone more often.

I try to be there.  Every day is a struggle between following my heart or let fear take over who I am as a person“, he said.

Tooji also returned to his roots when hosted the 2013 Melodi Grand Prix Jr in Norway last week.

Listen to a preview of Rebels below. The single will be released on 20 September.