New Norwegian commentator

by Geir Oekland 174 views

For twelve years Norwegians have been accomplished by Jostein Pedersen during the Eurovision Song Contest show. Now Per Sundnes take over one of the most wanted jobs in Norway.

In all his years as the Norwegian commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest, Pedersen was loved, hated, cherished, haunted, critisised and beloved. Also abroad (particularly inSweden) he caused reactions. For many Swedes his comment about Fame in 2003 was hard to accept. Pedersen meant that "the group had the same charisma as the Ivar bookshelffrom IKEA". He caused a huge outcry this year over hard criticism on Carola's attitude for gay people this year – comments that Carola finally went on record to deny here on The Norwegian state channel, NRK, therefore choose to substitute Pedersen for next years finals.

His sucessor, Per Sundnes, has also been an employee in NRK for many years. He hosts a weekly music program called Store Studio. Sundnes is also reckognized as a trendsetter and is self-declared fashion-expert.

The news was published in a Norwegian TV-show this weekend, where also Sissel Kyrkjebø participated. Kyrkjebø, who actually has a Eurovision Song Contest history (she sang during the break when Norway held the finals in 1986, and also once sent in a contribution which was not accepted), said humoristicly that she might take part in the Eurovison Song Contest later. Then Norway might win their third victory?

Sundnes' favourite contestant is Anita Skorgan, well known for her participations. One of his favourite memories is Skorgan singing Casanova in 1977, which ended 14th. place. He is also a huge fan of typically "two girls, two boys-bands" like Abba, and hopes Norway will send some of these in the next years he tells Abba is also his first Eurovision memory, and he claims that he's been a fan after that.

When it comes to following Jostein Pedersen, he says that he's nervous, but thinks it will work out fine. Like Pedersen, Sundnes is from the north of Norway, where the inhabitans are well known for their sharp tongue, so Norwegian viewers are warned!

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