Slovenia wins OGAE second chance contest

by Marcus Klier 104 views

Like every year, the international Eurovision Song Contest fan club OGAE organised a 'second chance contest' for songs that competed in the 2006 national finals but didn't impress the audience and therefore didn't get to represent their country. Slovenia won the competition with Sa�a Lendero's Mandoline , being first of 19 participating entries.

The complete results:

  1. Slovenia: Saša Lendero – Mandoline 220 points (finished 2nd in Slovene final)
  2. Norway: Queentastic – Absolutely fabulous 175 points (finished 3rd in Norwegian final)
  3. Sweden: BWO – Temple of love 157 points (finished 2nd in Swedish final)
  4. Malta: Natasha & Charlene – Echoes of Gaia 146 points (finished 10th in Maltese final)
  5. Greece: Anna Vissi – Welcome to the party 129 points (finished 2nd in Greek final)
  6. Serbia & Montenegro: Ivana Jordan – Lazarica 98 points (finished 6th in Serbia & Montengro final)
  7. Finland: Annika Eklund – Shanghain valot 97 points (finished 3rd in Finnish final)
  8. United Kingdom: Anthony Costa – Beautiful thing 69 points (finished 2nd in UK final)
  9. Germany: Thomas Anders – Songs that live forever 66 points (finished 2nd in German final)
  10. Netherlands: Behave – Heaven knows 60 points (finshed 2nd in Dutch final)
  11. Israel: The DiamonZ – Atta hakochav 51 points (finished 2nd in Israeli final)
  12. Portugal: Vania de Oliveira – Sei quem sou 38 points (finished shared first in Portuguese final but lost due to the jury votes)
  13. Belgium: La Shakra – Wonderland 36 points (finished 2nd in Belgian final)
  14. Croatia: Kraljevi Ulice – Kao san 33 points (finished 2nd in Croatian final)
  15. Denmark: Kristine Blond – Make this night forever 33 points (finished between 6th and 10th place in Danish final; only top 5 were announced)
  16. FYR Macedonia: Lambe – More od solzi 30 points (finished 3rd in Macedonian final)
  17. Ireland: Brian Kennedy – The greatest love of all 11 points (finished 3rd and last in Irish final)
  18. Ukraine Irina Rozenfeld – You give me your love 1 point (finished shared second out of three in Ukrainian final)
  19. Poland: Jetset – How many people? 0 points (finished 3rd in Polish final)

Of course, the competition raises the question who would have done better for his or her country in than the actual representative. Remarkably, most of the countries that reached a high position in the second chance contest did quite poor in theactual contest: Slovenia did not even qualify for the final round with Anzej Dezan and Mr Nobody, Norway finshed 14th in the final round with Christine Gulbrandsen's Alvedansen and Malta came last with Fabrizio Faniello performing I do.

Who do you think whould have done better in the competition? Feel free to share your opinion by posting a reaction!

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