Moldova passes first hurdle to return

by Benny Royston 253 views can officially confirm that although it is by no means certain that Moldova will attend the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, TRM has entered a submission to the EBU prior to the Novemeber 15th deadline to participate in Helsinki.

Back on November 6th, was told by Moldovan broadcaster, TRM, that Moldova had not budgetted for participation at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and that a decision had been taken that they would not be returning to the competition next year following a poor result in Athens. Although we were told that it was unlikely to change it's mind, it was not impossible. Today we have recieved news that Moldova seems to be coming round to a change of heart.

The head of OGAE Moldova, Natalia Brasnuev, confirmed to that:
"Initially, TRM was not going to participate in ESC next year. The Eurovision Song Contest in Moldova is a project which requires state budget funds and an Organizational Committee (including TRM, Fan Club and others) set up by the Government of Moldova. As far as I know, nothing of this is yet provided at the moment.

Under the pressure of mass-media (newspapers and magazines) TRM submitted the application for participation (very close to deadline).

What happens when the entrance fee is calculated? Nobody knows. I think the chances are 50-50 if Moldova will take its place this year in the Eurovision Song Contest. If they do, then OGAE Moldova can come with consultancy".

It remains to be seen whether Moldova will be on the final list of participants for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest,but it now seems certain that they will at leastbe on the provisional list to be announced next month.

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