Serbia: «Royal» cover for 2007 Eurovision winner

by Stella Floras 629 views

It was in 2007 when Serbia won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time as an independent country with Molitva, performed in Serbian by Marija Serifovic. Six years later, the song gets a new cover in Spanish this time performed by Seven Kings, the new generation of the legendary Gipsy Kings.

The sons of the originals members of the Gipsy Kings have also covered another Eurovision evergreen, Volare or as the original title is Nel blu dipinto di blu. Volare was Italy’s 1958 entry which, although it came in third place, has become one of the most popular songs of all time internationally.

The Seven Kings will be performing on August 31 together with Marija Serifovic at the Cantat Novi Sad festival
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