Switzerland: Céline Dion premieres new single but postpones album release

by Yann Messina 254 views

Initially set on March 2013, the release date of the new English album of Céline Dion, the 1988 Eurovision winner for Switzerland, has been postponed to 5 November. To keep her fans patient, the singer premiered the first single titled Loved me back to life during a unique concert held in her native Québec this summer.

Due to a very busy agenda following the huge success of her French album Sans attendre and her Las Vegas shows, the Canadian diva has been delaying the release date of her latest effort in English several times since the beginning of the year. Announced with the title Water and a Flame, the album will be eventually named Loved me back to life.

The album is the result of a cooperation between the singer and major international artists such as Ne-Yo, Eg White, Babyface and Diane Warren but very little is known about the latest effort of the diva. Thus Céline Dion surprised most of her fans when she performed the song Loved me back to life during her unique concert on Les Plaines d’Abraham in Québec City a few days ago. The song, which was being performed for the very first time to a wild audience, was penned by Sia who is behind Rihanna‘s Diamonds hit.