Exclusive: Kristian Luuk to host MF07

by Benny Royston 68 views

Live from the press conference in Stockholm, Kristian Luuk is the man to front Melodifestivalen 2007. The 40 year old comedian and talk show host will be a popular choice with the Swedish audience with his forthright and witty views.

esctoday.com is live at the Melodifestivalen press conference today and can reveal that Kristian Luuk will follow Lena Philipsson in hosting Sweden's greatest televised competition of the year. He wil be the only host and front all six broadcasts in Sweden's selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest

Kristian Luuk hosts two shows on Sweden's TV4 channel, Sen Kväll Med Luuk (Late evening with Luuk) – one of the most popular shows on Swedish television, and God Natt, Sverige(Goodnight Sweden).

Luuk said "I love Eurovision, I love Melodifestivalen, and I think this is going to be one of the funiest shows I've ever done". He thinks "the host of Melodifestivalen should be entertaining and a little bit surprising, and you should expect something new on each show next year!"

Asked about any special talents he has that will make him a good host, he told us "I'm very good at making scones!". We asked him how long it took him to decide to take up SVT's offer, "about 10 seconds" he replied!

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