Denmark: Emmelie riding high in Brazil

by Richard West-Soley 426 views

It’s not too often that a Eurovision song breaks across the Atlantic divide. But Emmelie de Forest is riding high in Brazilian charts after lapping up the airplay in São Paulo and beyond.

The Danish winner is currently at number 2 in the chart of one of the country’s most popular radio stations, Antena 1, as reported on DR this week. The station broadcasts across Brazil’s big cities, including the capital Brasília, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, and Only Teardrops is on constant rotation. Her popularity is spreading too, with other stations said to be picking up on interest in the song.

Fans across the Pond too

Emmelie even has a Brazilian Facebook fan page, started by contest aficionado Eduardo Santos. Santos is keen to point out that although South American countries do not compete, the continent is not short of Eurovision Song Contest fans. And he is confident, moreover, that Emmelie’s fans will continue to lift her high in the Brazilian airwaves. “She has strong potential for an international career – and her next single Hunter and Prey could be a hit” he explains.

So, after conquering South America, how much further can Emmelie go? With scant Eurovision Song Contest commercial success in the USA – Volare (Italy 1958) and Touch the Wind (the Spanish version of Eres tú, Spain 1973) being amongst the rare exceptions – the field is wide open for Emmelie.