Denmark: Emmelie’s broken trophy fixed for exhibition

by Richard West-Soley 2,714 views

Museum conservation departments are used to tricky, delicate jobs to restore ancient artefacts. But the latest task for the Danish National Museum was a little more unusual: glue back together Emmelie de Forest’s broken Eurovision Song Contest trophy!

The National Museum in Copenhagen, which is preparing a new exhibition themed around Emmelie’s victory in Malmö this year, is more used to repairing damaged frescoes and items of antiquity. However, it must have been with horror that they opened their most recent package, only to discover that the coveted Eurovision Song Contest trophy, made of glass and depicting a microphone, was broken into two pieces. Thankfully, there was no better place to be for a broken trophy, and it was repaired by one of the museum’s conservation professionals.

As well as the expertly repaired trophy, the exhibition features a plaster cast of Emmelie’s now famous bare feet, plus the dress that she wore to victory in Sweden. The exhibition launches at the National Museum on Wednesday, 3rd July at 14:00, and will be officially opened by the singer herself. Fans can enjoy the exhibits in the museum vestibule until 19th August. Click here for more information at the National Museum website!