Georgia: Georgian ESC participants to feature in Ukrainian tv program

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 132 views

A special crew from Ukraine flew to Tblisi, the majestic Georgian capital, in order to film all the former Georgian Eurovision representatives for a special  television show.

Producers from Ukraine have started filming a special show featuring  former and current Georgian  Eurovision participants. The film will be aired on Ukrainian TV channel. The program will be aired from October and will cover Eurovision participants from 26 different countries. 

Sopho Khavalshi ( 2007), Diana Gurtskaya (2008),  Sopho Nizharadze (2010),  Eldrine (2011),  Anri Jokhadze (2012), and Sophie Gelovani and  Nodi Tatishvilli (2013) have all represented Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest. The country has competed a total of 6 times in the contest.

Georgia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with Sopho’s Visionary Dream. The country is yet to win the event.

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