Finland confirms hosts for Laulukilpailu

by Benny Royston 63 views

Finnish broadcasting company YLE confirmed today that Jaana Pelkonen and Heikki Paasonen will host 2007 finnish selection Eurovision Laulukilpailu Suomen Karsinta. Both Jaana and Heikki have hosted the Finnish national finals before and are are well known among tv-viewers in Finland. Heikki has also been the Finnish commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest. The national selection starts with the first semifinal in Tampere january 20th end ends with a grand finale in Turku february 17th.

Jaana Pelkonen and Heikki Paasonen were tipped back in May to be the hosts of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Finnish newspaperIltalehti wrote that 40.67% of its readers voted for Pelkonento befemale host and 35.09% wanted Paasonen to be the male hosts. YLE seems to be in line with local opinion and have confirmed that they will be teaming the duo together to host the four shows that will decide who will represent Finland in their first Eurovision Song Contest on home soil.

When we reported the news of this poll back in May, Heikki Paasonen toldMTV3's entertainment news that Jaana and he had been promised the job of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest already, but YLE could not confirm that. It is not clear whether YLE had discussed the possibility of the duo linking up for the national finals, or whether they plan to take the couple through to presenting the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jaana Pelkonen has been leading a game show and has quite some experience with making live television, including previously hosting the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Heikki Paasonen hosted the national selectioncompetition several times, is a previouscommentator for Finland at the Eurovision Song Contestas well. He is also known in Finland for hosting a chart show and the national edition of Pop Idol.

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