Denmark: Odense bids to host Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 172 views

Just as the race for the 2014 Eurovision host city is in full steam, the Danish city of Odense has announced its wish to host the 2014 Danish Eurovision national final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

DR, the Danish broadcaster is currently busy evaluating and studying the 4 candidate cities which have applied to host the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest: Herning,  Frederecia, Horsens and Copenhagen. contacted DR, the national Danish national broadcaster in order to shed more light on this matter. We have learned that the DR is currently concentrating on the selection of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest host city, and no decision has been made regarding the host city for the Danish national final. DR has also informed that the host city for the 2014 DMGP will be selected after the announcement and selection of the 2014 Eurovision host city.

Odense and its mayor seem to be very interested and keen in hosting next year’s Danish national final as it would bring great exposure and attention to the city. Hence they are prepared to welcome everyone if they are selected to host the DMGP.

 It can be a great coincidence but the Eurovision Song Contest is a national event that can gather most of the nation-  Anker Boye  the Mayor of Odense has told Ritzau.

Extra focus and exposure on the Danish national final

And taking into account that  Denmark – as the  defending champion and winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, is sure to attract a lot of attention. We expect there will be a huge interest in the 2014 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix gearing extra focus and massive mediatic exposure and attention, the Mayor of Odense added.

It will be 2014 Danish Melodi Grand Prix (Danish national final) , where we will  choose the artist who will represent Denamark and  defend  the title on home soil.  This will  be  very positive for Odense- Anke goes on say.

International attention

If  Odense is selected to host the 2014 Danish Eurovision national final it will surely attract much international mediatic attention as it will be hosting the national final and selecting the song and singer of the 2014 Eurovision host country.  The city is quite keen to welcome everyone and is prepared to host numerous events in the weeks leading up to the national final. Hosting the event will bring the city much exposure and attention both on in Denmark and overseas. Hence Odense is all set to embrace the Danish national final next year if it gets the opportunity to host the event.

About Odense

Odense, which is Denmark’s third largest city, is centrally located on the island of Funen between Jutland and Zealand. In Odense you can see Hans Christian Andersen’s house and discover Andersen’s amazing fairy tale universe or listen to the music of Carl Nielsen, Denmark’s greatest composer. You can also visit Denmark’s Railway Museum and Brandts, which combines an art gallery, the Museum of Photographic Art and Denmark’s Media Museum.

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