Bucks Fizz' Cheryl speaks out

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Cheryl Baker is the now legendary member of 1981 Eurovision Song Contest winning band, Bucks Fizz. Her performance in Dublin was not her first at Eurovision, having performed with Co Co in 1978, reaching 11th place with the song The bad old days. But, not many people know that Cheryl in fact participated in every Song for Europe competition from 1976 to 1981. Cheryl talks a little about this in her latest post on the Bucks Fizz – the early years website, and we've uncovered footage from her first attempt to get to the Eurovision Song Contest. Click the 'play' icon below to view Co Co's 1976 attempt with the song Wake up!

Cheryl Baker is the now legendary member of 1981 Eurovision Song Contest winning band, Bucks Fizz. Her career saw her reach the pinnacle of the music world, with three number one hits in the UK, world-wide fame and awards from London to Tokyo. She is a television personality in her own right, having hosted many shows and series, and is currently appearing as Vi Moore in Footloose, the musical at theNovello Theatrein London.

Esctoday was invited backstage to talk to Cheryl, Mike and Shelley earlier this year after their performance at London's Astoria nightclub. You can read our exclusive interview here.

Always grateful to her fans, Cheryl is keen to update them and answer their questions through the Bucks Fizz, the early years website. In her latest post, Cheryl sheds more light on the reasons for Jay Aston leaving the band, and how she discovered Jay and producer Andy Hill's affair. She explains: I had absolutely no idea. I didn’t know until a bouquet of flowers that Jay had sent to Nichola whilst we were doing a photo shoot or video or something, was returned broken and scrunched up. That was when someone – can’t remember who – told me they had been having an affair and that Nichola had found out. The flowers from Jay were apparently a peace offering.

Talking about the infamous coach crash in 1984, Cheryl says: I actually think I was just damned lucky not to have been in the position that Mike was in. I injured my head as well (well you do when you go through a windscreen!) but it was Mike that went into a coma, not I. Then again, if I hadn’t been at the front of the coach I wouldn’t have gone through the windscreen at all. Come to that, neither would Mike. I believe it was just very bad luck. Mind you, if there is a greater being, sorry if I’ve offended you! I’ll apologise in person when the time comes!.

Cheryl talks about the remastered CD albums saying: I am absolutely thrilled with the re-mastered CDs, especially The lost masters as it includes tracks I don’t even remember recording! They are all in my CD player in the car. Funny thing is, in the "glory" days of Bucks Fizz I never played our stuff. Yet 20-25 years on, I can’t get enough of it!.

Cheryl also talks about how her name changed from Rita Crudgington to Bonny Silver, and then to Cheryl Baker, why Bobby and Shelley were not present on her This is your life tv special and much much more. You can read Cheryl's reply to her fans on the Bucks Fizz – the early years website by clicking here.

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