Bucks Fizz – DVD coming soon

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Following the successful launch of the Bucks Fizz remastered series of albums on CD, the Eurovision Song Contest winners from 1981 will have their first official DVD released by Sony BMG later this year. The DVD will contain the group's promo videos along with some bonus material and is sure to be a hit with their loyal fan's following. As a taster, we've found the original promo video for Making your mind up. You can see it below by clicking the 'play' icon.

Bucks Fizz became one of the most successful Eurovision Song Contest winning groups aftersecuring the United Kingdom's fourthvictory in 1981. They went on to have three number one hits, a string of successful hits and sold out tours.

Now celebrating the group's 25th anniversary, the first official Bucks Fizz DVD is in the final throws of production and will be a must-have for fans of the group. The DVD will be available through the Bucks Fizz – the early years website.

In August, a double CD was released titled The lost masters. The CD contains over 30 previously unheard versions and unreleased tracks recorded by the group. This has been a welcomed by the band's loyal fan base, showing some additional angles and at last providing them with some much wanted new material. A full track list can be found at the end of this article.

Both the Lost masters CD and the I see talk DVD will be welcome additions to every Bucks Fizz fan's collection. They are available through the Bucks Fizz – the early years website. Click here to go to the site, then click on "shop" at the bottom of the page.

Full Track List:

Disk 1.
1. Breaking me up (Extended version)
2. Easy love (Blazer's version)
3. If paradise is half as nice (Original version – Cheryl solo track)
4. Invisible (Early version)
5. I love music (Edit – Shelley solo track)
6. Oh Suzanne (7’ – Jay Aston lead vocal)
7. I can't live without love (1986 – Bobby solo track)
8. What's one lonely woman (Cheryl solo track)
9. Thief in the night (Extended version)
10. These boots are made for walking (Shelley solo track)
11. Skin on skin (Cheryl solo track)
12. Breakingand entering (Demo)
13. You and your heart so blue (So blue 85 -Cheryl lead vocals)
14. If you're right (Original version)
15. Young hearts (Re-recorded version)
16. She cries (Original version)

Disk 2.
1. Oh Suzanne (Extended version -Jay Aston lead vocal)
2. Indebted to you (Edited dead ending version)
3. I’d like to say I love you (Alternate take)
4. My camera never lies 2006 (Good eyes remix -featuring Shelley vocals)
5. Invisible (Extended version)
6. Cold war (Extended version)
7. Now those days are gone 2006
8. If you're right (Re-recorded version – 321)
9. Every dream has broken (Brand new Bucks Fizz track from 1984)
10. New beginning (Mamba seyra – the original version)
11. I can't live without love (1987 version -Bobby solo track)
12. Tears on the ballroom floor (Long version)
13. Move over (I’m driving) (Cheryl & Shelley duet)
14. Young hearts (Unfinished version – Shelley lead vocals)
15. You and your heart so blue (So blue acapella version)

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