Spangly suits, cocoon and chiffon, Queen Esma and a glass box

by Juha Repo 177 views

The third day of rehearsals has kicked off in Malmö Arena and we are following the video stream in the Euroclub across the city.

The second semi-final is started suitable by Here we go from the energetic Latvians of PeR. They seem to be wearing spangly and tight silver suits for their performance giving a glittering start for the festivities. They have one more backing singer added and it is very similar to what we have already seen on the preview video. The two boys seem to have a good time on the stage and they set the audience in the mood for the party that follows.

Second up we have Valentina Monetta from San Marino. The transformation from last year is total, and now she is acting her age and coming over all Italian temptress. She has brought her symbolic cocoon or illuminated globe from the video on the stage and she and her dancers start off the song from the floor. At first the lighting is shades of blue, but with the change of tempo in the song depicting the chrysalis and the birth of the butterfly it goes all red. There is a lot of flowing fabric blown by wind machine leading to the climactic conclusion of this number.

Next up we have Esma and Lozano from FYR Macedonia. This like the one preceding it is a bit of a song of two halves as well. Lozano starts off on his own at the front of the catwalk, with the backing singers on the stage behind. He sings his bit in English, and then we have Esma entering from the back of the stage with her bits sung in Romany. The couple eventually meet at the front of the stage and the two female backing singers join them for the conclusion.

The fourth country and the last one before the lunch break is Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan. He stands on top of a high glass box in the start of the song, with a male dancer inside mirroring his every move in a very slick and well-rehearsed manner. A lady in a long red dress joins the pair on stage and Farid breaks off from his shadow. There are some red petals being blown inside the glass box and the dancer inside does some stunning acrobatics. The singing sound enhanced in the chorus, but there are no visible backing singers on the stage anyway. A very visual and well rehearsed and simple number.