MaltaSong Board Chairperson confirmed despite controversies

by Deo Grech 57 views

The greater part of the MaltaSong Board has been confirmed despite the controversies following Fabrizio Faniello's dismal performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, after which various calls had been made for the resignation of the Board en bloc and in particular of its Chairperson Robert Abela.

Tourism and Culture Minister,Francis Zammit Dimech has however ignored such calls and expressed his confidence in the current Board, as only two new members have been appointed.

Robert Abela has been confirmed as Chairperson, while John Demanuele maintains his post as his deputy.

The new Board members are Adrian Attard Trevisan and Steve Aquilina, while the other members on the Board are Nadette Bugeja, Joseph Dalmas, Frans Fenech, Anton Miceli, Marbeck Spiteri and Mike Spiteri. The Board Secretary is Martin Gauci.

Following the latest edition of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Athens, when Malta placed last after collecting only one single point, various calls had been made for a complete overhaul in the Board that would enable Malta to turn the page.

The Board had been heavily criticised over a number of issues, such as the changes applied to Fabrizio Faniello's performance, particularly the clothing and the accompanying dancers, which made his performance in Athens different from the performance selected by the Maltese voters.

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