Semifinal results are available!

by Sietse Bakker 62 views

With the announcement of the winner of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, the full results of the semifinal have been published at the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest, Check them out here.

Not only we can finally see in which order the 10 qualified countries ended up in the semifinal, we also know in which order the non-q ualified countries finished.

Analysis of the results
Finland also won the semifinal. Russia came second in the final, third in th e semifinal, while Bosnia & Herzegovina came second in the semifinal and third in the final. Sweden took the fourth position in the semifinal, but Romani a took over that spot in the final. The 'winners' from Lithuania dropped one place; from 5th in the semifinal to 6th in the final. Armenia lost two p laces; from 6th in the semifinal to 8th in the final. Nevertheless, a memorable debute for this new Eurovision Song Contest participating nation.

Finla nd did not get any points from Monaco, Armenia and Albania in the semifinal. In the final, Finland again didn't get any points from these three countries .

Poland came 11th and was close to qualification for the final, as only 6 points diverted FYR Macedonia and Poland. Top favourite Belgium, that didn't qualify for the final and caused a shock amongst fans and journalists, came 12th, one point behind Poland. As if it was meant to be, the unlucky 1 3th spot in the semifinal was for Iceland's Silvia Night.

It was no surprise that the Greek 12 points went to Cyprus in the semifinal. Andorra clos ed the semifinal on the 23rd spot with only 8 points from Spain. Belarus came 22nd with 10 points from three countries; 6 from Russia, 1 from Ukraine and 3 from Moldova.

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