Meet the Simpson?

by Gordon Roxburgh 52 views

The second rehearsal of the United Kingdom took place this afternoon at the OAKA hall. After the usual sound checks, it was down to having several run throughs. Each run through was enthusiastically received by the audience present, many wearing school uniform, following an earlier photo opportunity with Daz, outside the arena for the press. It was noted than when the papers are thrown out the school desks that they have images of the United Kingdom flag. But we have been told to watch out on the night for something different. The background images on the stage include the words, class, school, history and book.

The press conference got off to an unfortunate start as the moderator of the conference unfortunately introduced him as Daz Simpson!! Naturally enough, Daz wasn't overjoyed by the incorrect name check, as it's probably not the first time that this has happened to him? The moderator tried to restore her authority by asking the first question.

How was the first rehearsal? "Fab darling…better than sex!" After that remark, it set the tone for the rest of the press conference, and the audience were treated to what was possibly the funniest session seen so far.

Daz was unstopable, he had a go at the moderator for being "a right bossy one", and the BBC didn't escape his comments either. He also built up a reputation as being the fastest speaker present, and those taking notes, struggled to keep up with him.

Why has the United Kingdom done so poorly in recent years, and do you think we can do better this year? "Speaking personally, I don't think we have sent good enough songs, and our good name has been tarnished on inferior songs. I've put msyelf on offer, I believe I CAN win, but I'm not going to say I WILL win".

You have said you liked both Greece and Belgium, would you ever do remixes of these songs if asked? "Without a shadow of a doubt, both are great songs and could be hits".

Tell us about the song, and how you came to write it? "I was driving past my old school, and remembered the happy times. The melody was instant, and by the end of the road I had the chorus, and then spent time on the rap. I hope I can do a good job on Saturday and pull it off".

What is the one thing you miss from teenage life? "I miss most the energy of youth, now I need my vitamins at my age. Now we have bills to pay, the mortgage, the petrol".

At times, the audience were slow at asking questions, so Daz took the silences to start his own new catch phrase "Thank you – I'm here all week!" Suggesting that it might appear on T shirts by the end of the week!

Were you prepared for this 'big circus' of the Eurovision song contest? "This is once in a lifetime opportunity..however if I win, I might come back again next year!"

Before that Daz will be back on stage of Friday 19th May for the first dress rehearsal for the final, when by then we will know which songs have qualified for the final, and the final running order.

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