Finalists rehearse this afternoon

by Gordon Roxburgh 48 views

This afternoon in the OAKA hall it was time for four more of the finalists to have their second rehearal. Spain with Las Ketchup and their song Bloody mary were on stage, dressed very casually, with no obvious changes in their routine from yesterday. Malta too were casually dressed for their performance, while the Germans were in full costumes for their song.

At the press conferences afterwards, all the artists and head of delegations were presented with their souvenirs from OGAE Greece. Some also received presents, such as Turkish delight.

The group Las Ketchup mentioned that they like Lordi from Finland, "We love their song and their faces. We also like the song from Portugal". They had also met Jenny from Andorra, who is also from Spain at the welcome party on Monday night, and liked the choreography of her song, and looked forward to her joining them at the Euroclub tonight, for the big four party.

Malta were also happy with their rehearsal "It was a great rehearsal. I really enjoyed it, and I think we all felt amazing actually. We're getting ready to really have fun on the big night. Let's face it, that is why we are all here"said singer Fabrizio Faniello.

The German group Texas Lightningonce more sung the Greek version of their song "No, no never" at their press conference, much to the delight of the audience present in the conference hall.

The Danes too were feeling good about their rehearsal, and that it was going well, and very close the final choreography, and that they are "not nervous yet". Mention of the choreography, it was asked why there is no twist in the song Twist of love. The choreographer replied that "there is some twist element, in fact they have twisted the twist, with quite a few breakdancing moves and brought it up to date".

How did they feel thet they were drawn after another catchy song, the German entry, might that not affect their chances? "Well it could work either of two ways, it might affect Germany as well, as we come after them, either Germany or us could have problems".

And how did Sidsel tie in her school work with the contest, and what reaction did she get from her fellow students and teachers? "Well I have a schedule, in order to do all things, but I love to sing and be in this contest, its historical event, 50 years , it's a big deal. At first my fellow sudents thought I was crazy, but then they accepetd it and now are helpful, but they thought it as a joke at first. My teachers are now used to seeing my image everywhere, so they have been good too".

Later on we will report on the highlights of some of the final songs to be rehearsed today, from Romania through to Croatia.

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