Norway press conference and rehearsal

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The song Alvedansen was today taken to the European stage for the first time in Christine Guldbrandsen's first rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest. Dressed in white and backed by three singers and two violinists, Christine has an ethereal quality like no other seen in the competition so far.

The added prop of a wind machine makes the dance of the elves really come alive on stage. To add to the whole feel the dance is a very simple sway with a few position changes. Christine's strong vocals really carry the song to the maximum it could be, and the whole stage performance comes across in a powerful way.

English or Norwegian?
During the press conference afterwards Christine was asked why she thinks she managed to beat the Norwegian favourites Queentastic in the national final. Christine replied that it was "Perhaps because I sang in Norwegian. Maybe they liked that". Whatever the reason, Christine is indeed here in Athens to represent her country. A member of press asked Christine if she thought Norway had a chance singing in Norwegian when most songs are now in English. "If people like the song, they like it regardless of language" was the Norwegian's reponse.

Christine spoke of her honour at being chosen to represent the heritage of Norwegian music with a song that she believes in. A song that she feels is unique and a very genuine song. Christine describes the song as "Elves singing and dancing in the forest, luring people to come and dance with them". The floor was opened for more questions and it was asked if Christine could dedicate this song to anyone, who would it be and why. "My father died four years ago from long term illness. So he cannot be here to see this. So it would have to be him".

Wig Wam, Anna Vissi and Carola
The representatives of Norway told how they had gone on a small promotional tour taking in Latvia, Bulgaria and Athens, but were unsure if this would bring them more votes. When asked if Wig Wam had given her any advice, Christine said that she had met the guys and they are a fantastic band and they told her to have fun and be herself. While speaking of other participants, Christine said that she had no idea that she, and Swedish entrant Carola, would be sharing wind machines, and that host country Greece's singer Anna Vissi is beautiful and fantastic.

Girl Power!
On being the first act in 30 years for Norway comprised of all female participants, Christine only had one thing to say. "Girl Power!". The delegation also revealed that some changes had been made to the songs' arrangement and choreography but mostly it had improved with practice. To end the press conference, Christine Guldbrandsen and company treated the room to a short unplugged version of her entry Alvedansen.

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