Fabrizio back on stage

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Someone who is no stranger to performing on the Eurovision song contest stage is Fabrizio Faniello for Malta, who had his first rehearsal for this year's entry I do this afternoon at the OAKA hall. He is with four female dancers on stage, and one male backing vocalist, on his own on the right hand side of the stage. Fabrizio and his dancers all wear head microphones for the number, which is quite fast paced. The audience present gave him a good reception at the end.

After a short period of time, while the Maltese delegation viewed the playback, it was time to face the press. Fabrizio was joined, not only by the team he hason stage, but with the head of the Maltese delegation, Robert Abela, alsoAlex Panayi, who has previously sung for Cyprus at the contest, and who is the artistic director for the song, and in addition his manager Manfred. The first question though was directed at Alex Panayi.

How did you get involved with this entry, and what do you like best, lead vocals, backing vocals or your involvement behind the scenes? "Well this is the most challenging. I know I'm a good singer, and this is my sixth contest, so that has all been a good experience. So I know what's involved in the preparation. It has been hiring the choreographer and dancers, viewing it back, the design, the lighting. It's a lot of hard work and responsibility for this very important event. But it was a good rehearsal and looking forward to tomorrow".

How long have you been writing songs? "I have always wanted to write my own songs. I have worked with Maltese, Swedish, American and German composers. But its thanks to Manfred my manager, as I was always a bit scared, and not believing in myself. With this song, Iwas in my car, and I started whistling it, and then after that it was onto my guitar. We had the idea, but at that time it was completely different, then we worked on it and made changes. I'm now working on a new album, with new songs".

Your song sounds scandinavian, sort of ABBA sound, is that intentional? "Well I remember in 2001 in Denmark, that we received our only 12 points from Denmark, so thanks for that, and the song was popular! Last year was good for me in Sweden, where I had a top seven song. I've worked with Swedish composers, and this track was arranged by Swedes. So maybe that's why it sounds Swedish.

You are a hard working guy, wo what promotion have you being doing? "I'm very happy, it is the longest promotional tour that Malta has ever done, about twenty countries. It has been amazing. This si the biggest show for any artist, about 100 million people watching. It's important to promote, and it has been great to visit and perform in countries, for example Moldova, and they were playing some of myother songs. At the end of the day, maybe, so hopefully, I might get some votes!"

It has been five years since you performed in the song contest in 2001. What has changed in that time, and what about the differences between Parken and here"Well it is much better second time. I'm a more experienced singer, released more albums, singles and videos in various countries since then. I feel better, and meeting a lot of people. Parken was huge. It was my first experience, and was all new to me. I did have some vocal problems at the time, and I was very excited beforehand. Here is cozy, it's very nice, I'm closer to my friends, my dancers, and the people are closer to me. I like it. On Saturday I hope I enjoy it, and I hope the people enjoy themselves".

The head of delegation, Robert Abela, thanked everybody, especially the German production team, and for their patience in the viewing room, as they had probably taken up more than their allotted time!

Fabrizio Faniello concluded with a final burst of his song I do, before the photo opportunity. He will be back tomorrow at 15:00 to rehearse.

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