Last night: get the party going!

by Sietse Bakker 60 views

Last night, the Ukrainian delegation invited journalists, fans and fellow participants to join their official party at the EuroClub, which is located at the Metropolis venue in the Gazi area of Athens. A great party, with great guest performances and a vibrant atmosphere. The Cypriots gave their party by the sea side of Athens, leaving people with a great memory of the true beauty of the Greek costline.

The Ukraine party took place at the EuroClub, of course feauturing Tina Karol. Guest performances were given by Ich Troje (Poland), Dima Bilan (Russia), Sandra Oxenryd (Estonia), Brian Kennedy (Ireland) and others. The Tina Karol promotion team did a great effort presenting their artist. Later that night, a couple of promo-team members managed to change the costume of a Swedish delegation member into a Tina Karol outfit. The Portuguese girls of Nonstop actually managed to stay until the end and they seemed to have had a great time.

Cyprus gave its welcome party at the sea side and our colleagues of joined on our behalf. Several friends and family members of Annet Artani joined the party, as well as colleague participants from Belgium, Albania and Turkey.

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