Moldova rehearsal and press conference

by James Orton 71 views

As the rehearsals for songs competing in final are now underway, second to go up is the act from Moldova. Arsenium and Natalia Gordienko took to the stage singing their entry Loca. Backed by the rapper Connect-R and three dancers, the song has a simple stage performance but the sensual dance is well performed.

The performers were all dressed casually for their first rehearsal and took it all in their stride with many jokes being shared on stage both after and during the performances causing some missed vocals. Towards the end of the performance Natalia mimes throwing something into the audience.

In a rather strange move, the Moldovan representatives have opted to fade the backing track out with vocals continuing over the end of the music, rather than a big finish to the song. It makes for a very unusual ending to the song. With only one individual rehearsal left to go, changes may need to be made in order to give the song and performance the fireworks it needs to keep Moldova in the final for a second year running.

In the press conference afterwards Arsenium spoke of his time in popular group O-Zone but said that that was now over and they have parted ways to pursue solo careers as many acts do. He also spoke of his new album launch and his plans to release material in Japan, USA and of course Europe.

Natalia Gordienko spoke of studying and how she manages to find time to do that and to continue with her first love: her music. Natalia is studying science and will finish school this year.

When asked about the placing in the final draw, Arsenium said that they are happy with their draw and will put on a good show to get a good placing. He also told of the song not being mentioned for the Eurovision Song Contest initially, but it being adapted to bea part of it.

Two national selections
The question of the Moldovan selection was raised at the press conference and the head of delegation explained that the three way tie could not be resolved on the night and so a rearranged national final was announced. The three winners from the original final declined to take part and so a new song was chosen from new entries.

And with that, the Moldovan delegation left to go to their hotel and take a well-earned sleep. After arriving only this morning, the performers from Moldova were taken straight to the arena to be on stage in time to rehearse. They will be attending tonight's welcome reception but will lay off the food and drink. "We don't want them to look fat" the Head of Delegation joked to the guest reporter behind the scenes.

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