Tim Noble works Dutch girls hard

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Performance director Tim Noble is putting the Dutch girls from Treble through their paces in the race to prepare them for their appearance at the semifinal on Thursday.

Tim, whose career boastswork with Kylie and Madonna amongst others, has a strict gym regime for the girls, which continues while they are in Athens. At Treble's second press conference today, Tim was present to talk about his preparations with Caroline, Niña ad Djem, including boxing sessions. The girls gladly provided a quick demonstration of their left and right hooks at the conference table!

Up for it!
Caroline explained that at first, the group were worried about working with someone from such a pop diva background. She was adamant that "we are not Kylie!", and the girls made it clear that they wanted to be true to their roots. "We travel – we don't want someone saying do this, do that, we are allergic to that!" But in fact, work with Tim has been a lot of fun, and the spirit of the group still comes through in the performance. Before, they could be "too happy" on stage, but Tim brings some discipline to their ethos. "I work them hard – they're up for it!" he says.

Treble once again gave a great performance of Amambanda in the hall today, with much foot-tapping observed amongst the spectators. They appear to be having a lot of fun on stage, something which reflects their life off stage too, judging from the great time they have been having in Athens. "We went out for a really nice dinner and a giggle last night", Niña shared with us. And an enjoyable second week seems guaranteed.

Performers with stories
About previous Eurovision entries for the Netherlands, Treble wish that that the country had sent more performers with an interesting personal story like theirs, and not just cute singers in nice clothes. They think the contest should be taken seriously, although expressed their appreciation of the funny entries this year – Finland is "scary" and Iceland is "crazy" according to the girls!

Before leaving to enjoy the rest of the day now their rehearsal is over, Treble treated the group to both The voice, their favourite Eurovision entry, and the song that they first composed together ten years ago. We will next see them at the first semifinal dress rehearsal in a couple of days' time.

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