Turkey's superstar rehearses

by Gordon Roxburgh 141 views

The second rehearsal and press conference of Superstar the entry of Turkey from Sibel Tuzun took place this afternoon in the OAKA hall. Sibel was extremely happy with the performance and with everything, especially the choreography and her backing dancers who she described as Handsome, very cute and intelligent and that when she makes eye contact with them on stage she feels very confident.

At the press conference afterwards, one of the youngestpersons present made her debut, it was Sibel's thirteen month old daughter. However Sibel believed that there is actually someone even youngerpresent atthe song contest, who is part of the Dutch delegation.

How would you feel if you daughter wanted to be a singer, and what advice would you give her?"She might be an actress the way things are going. If she wishes to be a singer and is happy, I will do all I can t support her and teach her what I know about the industry. If she wants to do something else that makes herhappy, I will support her".

How important is it for you to have your family with you her and support you? "They are the most important to me in my life, in fact they are even more important than me".

In the last run through on therehearsal you sung in English. Do you have any plans to do this in the Semi final, and if you make it to the final, and what do you think your chances are? "Well I actually sung in Turkish, English and Greek. I hope to be able to sing in the final, and perform it a second time. The Turkish people are so used just to watching the contest on a Saturday night, so this is a change for them. I just hope the Turkish people who are around Europe will vote for me, and give me their applause too".

What countries will the song be released in, and what are you plans after the contest? "It will be released in Greece, Cyprus, Spain and in the United KIngdom, where we have a different version planned for the UK. Afterwards I need a holiday, to take a break from this project. Maybe I will go sailing in the Aegean Sea with my husband and daughter, for ten days, or maybe even up to a month. I hope I have a long road ahead of me with my song througout Europe".

Finally the press conference concluded with a request for Sibel to sing the very first Turkish entry from 1975 Seninle bir dakika which she did very well, with the audience joining in. Sibel Tuzun next appears on stage at the first dress rehearsal for the Semi final on Wednesday 17th May from 14:00.

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