Anna Vissi in Israel while Eddie slams the media

by Itamar Barak 196 views

Anna Vissi, the home entrant in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, arrived today in Tel Aviv, the last stop of her European tour. Anna held a joint press conference with Eddie Butler, while he is quoted today slaming Israeli media and revealing his stage act.

'This is my first time in Israel and I do intend on returning here in the near future', Anna Vissi responded when asked how is it that such Greek diva like herdid not visit the country where Greek music is so popular. 'I feel here at home and I promise you that Greece will award Israel high points in the contest', added Anna. Anna was asked if she was disappointed when of all songs in her private Eurovision pre-selection a ballad won. 'Not at all! 'Everything' was the only song I was really able to relate to and I am very proud of it', answered Anna. 'I agreed to participate this year because everything was right. It was the best timing to return to the contest. I can represent Greece without the pressure of winning and it is very symbolic that it happens in Athens. I heard some Cypriots were disappointed I am not singing for Cyprus, but as far as I am concerned, we are all one nation, Greeks and Cypriots, so there's no difference'.

Eddie Butler, Israel's entrant who joined Anna Vissi in her press conference, is quoted today in Ma'ariv expressing his discontent of how the Israeli media have been treating him. 'Polls and charts mean nothing when the Eurovision Song Contest goes on air', said Butler. 'The Israeli media did not want me to win the Kdam-Eurovision. The song 'Together we are one' is barely being played on radio stations. I find it disturbing when musical editors go against the people's choice, which I won in the Kdam-Eurovision'. Eddie also reveales today the course of the his stage act in Athens: Eddie will start the song when he is half lying on the piano, then moving on between his backing vocalist. In the second half of the song all the group will form a 'one united group' as Eddie's director puts it.

Anna Vissi also performed tonight in Elly Yatzpan's popular television show and will be a guest tomorrow in Didi Harrari's radio programme. A special party will be thrown tomorrow in Tel Avivin honor of Anna.

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