Exclusive: Daz and Bucks Fizz party in London

by Benny Royston 131 views

It was party time again in London last night as Eurovision fever took London by the horns! Not one but two live acts performed at London's biggest gay nightclub as Daz Sampson performed his Eurovision Song Contest entry, Teenage life. Following him were the legendary Bucks Fizz performing 25 years after securing the United Kingdom's fourth Eurovision Song Contest crown.

London was certainly in full swing last night with fans turning out in force to support the United Kingdom's 2006 Eurovision song contest performer, Daz Sampson and show their appreciation for former winners, Bucks Fizz.

The party was in full swing long before the live performances started and the sell out crowd went crazy as the DJ churned out the 1998 Israeliwinning song, Diva byDana International asred white and blue baloons fell from the ceiling.

Daz appeared on stage at just after 1:30 am. Just as he did at the Making your mind up national final, he had the crowd in raptures from the start, greeting the fans before launching into the song Teenage life. The song was performed completely live sounds great, allaying any fears from British fans that the sound of the original backing track could not be reproduced in the live performance on stage in Athens. The backing chorus have been working hard on vocal training and performance and their work has paid off. As a one off for the evening, Daz and the girls were joined by two male dancers for the G-A-Y performance.

The single is released in the UK on Monday, and it was encouraging to see so many people in the crowd singing along. Daz looks set for the highest charting position in the UK for a Eurovision song contest entry since Gina G in 1996.

Following Daz came the ultimate United Kingdom Eurovision legends. 25 years after winning in Dublin, Bucks Fizz still have a huge following in the UK amongst fans of the competition and the gay community. The line up included original band members Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan along side JAy Aston's replacement, Shelley Preston.

Singing several of their hit songs, including New beginnings, Cant stand the heat, Piece of the action, I hear talk and their number one hits My camera never lies and Land of make believe, they rounded off the night with a performance of their winning Eurovision song contest entry, Making your mind up, complete with the original dance routine. Following their performance, they received a huge show of support from teh 3,500 fans packed into the venue at London's Astoria.

Esctoday.com were exclusively backstage at the event and caught up with both Daz and Bucks Fizz. You will be able to read our exclusive interviews with them and a picture gallery later on today. Find out how Daz feels just a week before leaving for athens and if the pressure is getting to him, and what's in store for the fans at the 'Big Four' party in Athens!

Find out what Eurovision means to Cheryl Baker and Shelley Preston, read about the exclusive news about the upcoming Bucks Fizz new album featuring previously unheard tracks (due for release on May 29th) and find out about a possible 25th anniversary tour later this year!

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