Albanian writers slam broadcaster

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The writers of Albania's 2006 entry Zjarr e ftohtë have slammed the national Albanian broadcaster RTSH, claiming that financial support and promotional activities from the station have been minimal.

The authors already claimed that they have taken no funds at all from RTSH to further Luiz Ejlli's bid for Athens, and instead they have had to foot the bill themselves. As such, Luiz has not seen the kind of international activity some of the other acts have enjoyed, with no wider European tour to speak of.

However, the delegation is ready for Athens, and the last preparations are underway before their departure to the host city on May 10th, according to composer Klodian Qafoku. Speaking to the newspaper Shekkuli, Qafoku gave away some details of the presentation of the song at the qualifier round: "Out of five performers on the stage, two of them will have traditional Albanian costumes, while Luis Ejlli and the others will be wearing casual clothes. There will not be any special fashion designer or a boutique, which shall provide the clothes."

New organiser?
The Shekkuli article questioned RTSH's involvement in the Eurovision, if so little budget allocation is given to it. It was pointed out that Albania has three other major song festivals, each of which could fill the role of a possible alternative selection body.

Despite the lack of funding, it was reported some days ago that Zjarr e ftohtë managed to receive airplay of Flemish radio, proving that a promotional tour is not the only way to grab attention abroad. Whether it will receive the support of televoters will be seen at the qualifier round of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, on May 18th.

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