Athens 2006: Israel

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In cooperation with our partners, we present to you a different 2006 Eurovision Song Contest participant each day. Today, the third finalist: Israel!

Final, spot3 in the running order
Performer:Eddie Butler
Song: Together we are one
Lyrics: Osnat Tsabag & Orly Burg
Music: Osnat Tsabag & Orly Burg
Official website:-
Best result: 1st in 1978, 1979, 1998
Multimedia: video / audio

Israel and the Eurovision Song Contest
Israel joined the Eurovision Song Contest family in 1973, and debuted in a very respectable 4th place with Ilanit's Ey sham. The successful start was a good sign of things to come, with strong performances and many good placing following over the years. Israel became the third country to achieve back-to-back victories in 1978 and 1979, and in 1998 secured a third win in Birmingham with one of the best publicised of recent acts in the contest, Dana International and the song Diva. Diva went on to be an international chart success, making thesinger as memorable a winner as her Irish namesake of the 1970 contest.

In the 2000s Israel has struggled to recapture the successes that characterised most of its Eurovision Song Contest career, until Shiri Maymon managed a celebrated fourth place at the Kyiv contest of 2005. With a secured final placing in Athens, Israel will be hoping that its return to former Eurovision glory will be a lasting one.

Eddie Butler
34-year-old Eddie was born in Israel to American parents. In 1997 he formed the group Eden with his brother Gabriel, Gabriel, Rafiel Daan and Doron Oren, and together they became the Israeli home entry at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest, singing Happy birthday to fifth place in Jerusalem. Eddie went solo in 2001, leading to his victory at the K'dam selection contest for Athens.

Together we are one
Ze hazman lehit'akhed im kol hanesham
Ze harega, ze hazman, it's now or never
Ze hazman lo lefakhed veliftoakh et halev
Raise your hands and pray for love together

Betokh libi akhshav ani yode'a
Rak ahava tatzit halehava, yeah
Together we are one, ooh…

Tikva balev ola, hey…
I know that we, we can make it if we
Look into your soul, listen to your heart
Ohav otakh la'ad

Ze hazman lehit'orer le'olam yafe yoter
Im ahava gdola balev laga'at
(Ahava gdola balev laga'at)
Ze hazman lehitkarev, en od pakhad mike'ev

Ohav otakh ad ovdan hada'at
Betokh libi akhshav ani yodea
Beguf ekhad nitz'ad (Beguf ekhad nitz'ad)
Ani shelakh la'ad, yeah (Ani shelakh la'ad)

Together we are one (Together we are one)
Tikva balev ola (Tikva balev ola)
I know that we, we can make it if we try
Look into your soul, listen to your heart

Bo'i venatkhil kmo yom khadash (Yom khadash)
Shuv noge'a bakh, kuli nirgash (Vekuli nirgash)
Otzem eynay, khay et hakhalom
Ze harega, ze hazman, ze hayom
(Ze hayom, veohav otakh la'ad)

(Together we are one) Together we are one
(Tikva balev ola) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I know that we, we can make it if we try
Look into your soul, listen to your heart

Ohav otakh la'ad
Ohav otakh la'ad

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