UPD-2 Serbia & Montenegro: an everlasting story…

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Tomorrow night, on the edge of the European Broadcasting Union's deadline to submit entries for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, it seems Serbia & Montenegro will give their national selection for the upcoming contest a last try.

The top-five of the Serbian national final Beovizija and the Montenegrin national final Montevizija seem to be taking part in a new national final. The winner will be decided by televoting.

The top-five from Beovizija
1. Flamingosi feat. Luis – Ludi letnji ples
2. Ana Nikolic – Romale romali
3. Ivana Jordan – Lazarica
4. Tijana Dapcevic � Greh
5. Mari Mari – Da ti se dlanovi zalede

The top-five from Montevizija
1. Stevan Faddy – Cipele
2. No Name – Moja ljubavi
3. Stefan Filipovic – Za nju jo� vazduh di�em
4. Nela Popovic – Kao Feniks
5. Crveno i Crno – Andeo u ocima

Taking the history of the conflict between the two broadcasters into account, it should be mentioned that if no new national final takes place, it is most likely they withdraw from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this week, both broadcasters said that no solution could be found to solve the conflict, meanwhile stating that if they wouldn´t come to a final decision, Serbia & Montenegro would withdraw.

It is unknown if this new attempt was suggested by the EBU, by one of the two broadcasters or if it is a joint decision reached by RTS and RTCG.

UPDATE: The Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG rejected RTS' proposal to organise a second national final. President Tijanić of UJRT, the joint Serbian-Montenegrin broadcaster organisation, said that in this situation, it's “better not to send any participant to Athens”. Songfestival.web-log.nl reported this.

UPDATE 2: According to the website of the Serbian broadcaster RTS, President Tijanić of UJRT is confirming the withdrawal of their participation in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest reported earlier. It is expected the official withdrawal will be given to the EBU at the delegations meeting in Athens tomorrow.

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