Carola to Athens… as expected!

by Sietse Bakker 103 views

This is Stockholm calling, where editor Barry Viniker is present to cover Melodifestivalen 2006 live! And, as expected, the winner is… Carola! She performed the reprise of her song Evighet in English/Swedish, in Athens she will sing the song in English. Due to Martin Stenmark's disappointing result in Kyiv, Carola has to attend the semifinal, on 18th May.

The show started with a streaker; a naked man who took the stage for a couple of seconds, while Lena introduced the show. Against all odds, Carola's performance was generally rated as 'disappointing'. BWO instead was enthousiastically welcomed by the audience. At the end, Carola managed to win the televote by a land slide.

The results (jury + televote);

1. Carola – Evighet – 234 (102+132)
2. BWO – Temple of love – 202 (92+110)
3. Andreas Johnson – Sing for me – 200 (112+88)
4. The Poodles – Night of passion – 98 (32+66)
5. Magnus Bäcklund – The name of love – 68 (57+11)
6. Rednex – Mama take me home – 61 (17+44)
7. Linda Bengtzing – Jag ljuger så bra – 56 (34+22)
8. Magnus Carlsson – Lev livet – 19 (19+0)
9. Björn Kjellman – Älskar du livet – 6 (6+0)
10. Kikki Danielsson – Idag & imorgon – 2 (2+0)

Carola took part in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest and came third. In 1991 she won the contest for Sweden with Fangad av en stormvind. 15 years later she tries again, with the song Evighet.

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