Interview: Linda Bengtzing

by Benny Royston 91 views

During the first day of full rehearsals for the Melodifestivalen final 2006, Linda Bengtzing took a few moments to sit and chat with about the contest, her new album and the development of her career.

Esctoday: How�s Life?
Linda: It�s Brilliant

Esctoday: When we spoke in August, you said that you would be recording an album and trying for Melodifestivalen again� The album came out on Monday and here you are at the final!
Linda: Yes, and with a better song! I�m a good liar the literal translation of Jag ljuger sa bra or I did it for you as it would be in the English verision, but if I don�t win, it will never be released.

Esctoday: How long were you working on the album?
Linda: I�ve been working with some of the songs for a year but I�ve been fighting to get them because the songwriters didn�t think that I�m good enough, they didn�t want to give them to me. Finally I got them, some are newly written. It�s so good, I�m so proud of it, all thirteen songs.

Esctoday: Do you feel that you�ve matured as a singer since last year?
Linda: Just talking about the singing, of course there�s a development. It�s like I just do it now. Before, I was thinking all the time, you have to think how you do each song. Now I can be Linda Bengtzing, I don�t have to be in an ensemble, nobody tells me that I have to sing like this or like that.

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