Tonight: Moldova to try again!

by Sietse Bakker 238 views

Tonight at 20:45 CET, Moldova will do a second attempt to select an entry for the finals of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. On 25th February, the first selection attempt failed after three participants came first. The youngest jury member was supposed to make the final decision, but he refused and the show ended without a winner.

From the first selection night, only Serj Kuzencoff returns. Tonight's participants;

1. Ludmila Znamenskaia – Something about love
2. Svetlana Sertzova & Vadim Luchin – The games of night
3. Serj Kuzencoff – Made in Moldova
4. Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko – Loca
5. Marcella – I've never thought

As the deadline to submit songs passed yesterday, it's not impossible more contestants take part. The decision will be taken by jury and televoting (50%/50%), at an equal score the youngest jury member chooses Moldova's second Eurovision Song Contest entry. May he refuse again, the televoting winner goes to Athens.

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