Mayor wants Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam

by Sietse Bakker 78 views

Mr. Job Cohen, the mayor of Amsterdam, was present during yesterday's Dutch national final to hand our the award to the winners. To, he exclusively stated that if the Netherlands should once win the Eurovision Song Contest again, he would strongly lobby for his city to host the event.

“If we win the Eurovision Song Contest, I would do my very best to bring the contest to Amsterdam”, Mr. Cohen said. “Amsterdam is a beautiful city and cannot be compared to any other European city. With all its diversity, Amsterdam would be an excellent city ho host an event like the Eurovision Song Contest”, he added. Cohen is well known for his ability to 'sell' the city.

Unfortunately for the mayor, it's up to the European televoters where the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest goes. “Treble was my personal favourite from the beginning and I hope they will reach the highest possible result in Athens”.

Amsterdam hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 at the RAI congress centre. Along with the Amsterdam ArenA venue, the RAI congress centre is still stuitable to host a big event like the Eurovision Song Contest.

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