Treble leaves for European tour in two weeks

by Sietse Bakker 60 views

Treble, the group representing the Netherlands at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, will start the promo tour to promote their song Amambanda in two weeks. “We want to visit all participating countries”, group member Niña said to during last night's afterparty.

“It's going to be difficult, but we will start making a tour plan right away. We'll start driving in two weeks and we hope to visit as many of the participating countries as possible to do what we already do for more than 10 years now”. Treble was discovered in the Netherlands after giving street concerts in several cities, something they will “most likely do as well the upcoming weeks”.

Glennis Grace
During the afterparty of last night's Nationaal Songfestival, we also spoke with Glennis Grace, who represented the Netherlands last year with My impossible dream. She is currently pregnant, but is determined to continue singing after giving birth to her child. “Some media said I lost my record company, but I am still contracted”, she said.

Justine Pelmelay
On the afterparty, we also saw an optimistic Justine Pelmelay, who represented the Netherlands in 1989 with Blijf zoals je bent. During the live show, television host Paul de Leeuw publically humiliated her, saying that if she ever wanted to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, she can “always try to submit a song for Portugal or Andorra”.

You can find pictures of last night's show and the afterparty in our multimedia section!

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