Format evaluation after Athens 2006

by Sietse Bakker 115 views

“After Athens, we will have three years of experience of the new format. These three years will give us good input to discuss what has been good and what might need to change”, Eurovision Song Contest supervisor Svante Stockselius said to In other words: the fact that the format will be evaluated, does not mean that it will change.

Format change?
The rules of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest say that a top-10 placing in the final of the upcoming contest does not guarantee a final ticket for next year's event. Although this implies that the format will be changed as from 2007 on, this rule is a matter of “just in case”. An open discussion about the format is also scheduled to take place during the Heads of Delegation meeting, 20th and 21st March in Athens, Greece.

Athens 2006
Regarding this year's Eurovision Song Contest, roughly two months away from now, Stockselius says: “We are in this creative stage where all the content elements of the two shows are being brought together. Alongside with more detailed practical things, like shuttle busses, hotels and press facilities, things are going very well!”

Reference Group change
Bulent Osma, representing Turkish broadcaster TRT in the Reference Group, had to withdraw his position. He is being replaced by former member Juhan Paadam of the Estonian broadcaster ETV for the rest of his term, which will end in June.

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