German finalists in 'Wetten dass…?'

by Marcus Klier 48 views

Tonight, the three singers in the German national final next Thursday appeared in the popular monthly German TV show 'Wetten dass…?' to present their entries.

Vicky Leandros (Don't break my heart), Thomas Anders (Songs that live forever) and Texas Lightning (No, no, never) presented their entries for the German selection held on 9 March. 'Wetten dass…?' is hosted by Thomas Gottshalk who actually wanted to participate in the German final in 2001 but withdrew shortly before the contest.

Meanwhile, the private TV channel RTL screened a cartoon movie called 'Dieter', which is about Dieter Bohlen, who composed the Austrian entries in 1989 (Nur ein Lied) and 1992 (Zusammen geh'n, which became the most sold single in Germany in 2002, sung by the finalists of the 'German Idol' show with new lyrics) as well as the German entry in 1989 (Flieger). The broadcast of the two programms is already announced as the 'rating battle' of the year.

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