Silvía Nótt to represent Iceland in Athens!

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Silvía Nótt will represent Iceland at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest! Due to Selma's disappointing result, she will have to enter the semi final of the contest on 18th May in Athens, Greece. Silvía Nótt won the Icelandic final with a massive 70% of the votes. It's probably the first national final winner ever who licked her microphone after her victory was announced…

At the end of the voting, the mobile phone network of the Icelandic telecom provider Siminn had a hard time handeling all the votes. After the voting, it appeared a record number of votes has been registered in the history of Iceland. In the country with nearly 300,000 inhabitants, a total of “almost 120,000 votes has been recorded”. Meanwhile, the Bobbysocks performed their song La det swinge and Paul Oscar appeared on stage to entertain the audience.

The results;

1. Silvía Nótt � Til hamingju ísland (70,190 votes)
2. Regína Ósk � Þér við hlið (30,018 votes)
3. Friðrik Ómar � Það sem verður (9,942 votes)

The sum of the top-three votes also indicates that the other participating songs hardly received any votes. The other results have not been announced.

Til hamingju ísland is a song with a clear queen of the world-mentality. In the song, Silvía sings about her 'superiority' and her 'inevitable victory', shocking her audience with controversial statements and strange behaviour. A quote on the translation of the lyrics;

Congratulations Iceland
For me being born here!
I'm Sylvia Night, shining in da light!
Eurovision nation, I'm going for you
gonna rule this stuff
Demand a whole bunch of points

For the Eurovision Song Contest, the song can be translated in English. If this will actually happen is yet unknown.

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