Romanian line-up changes

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TVR has republished its list of semifinalists for the Romanian selection process, after four of the songs were withdrawn by their respective teams.

Sistem, Paula Seling and Marcel Mârza, and Heaven will no longer be participating in this year's semifinals. Mike Peterson will now only participate with a single song. To plug the gap, reserve participants Gaşca de Acasă, Delia (with a second song) and Marius Dragomir have been drafted in. The new line-up, comprising only 22 songs rather than the original 24, is as follows:

  • Ador fiecare moment petrecut cu tine � Akcent
  • É scritto per noi � Linda Valori
  • Experienţa primează � Delia
  • Lovely � Traffic
  • No matter what � Mircea Romcescu
  • Pentru o lume mai bună � Jasmine
  • Pisica sălbatică � Gina Pop Band
  • Prietenie � Indiggo
  • Prin iubire salvăm planeta � Maria Radu and Mike Peterson
  • Speranţa moare ultima � Maria Magdalena Dănăilă
  • The Universe � Tony Pop Tamas & Desperado
  • Un motto elegant � Ioana Sihota
  • Afară e frig � Dragoş Grigorescu
  • Albastru � Laurenţiu Cazan
  • Arabesque � Mihai Trăistariu
  • Aud voci � Dora
  • Cred că a sosit şi vremea mea � Sorin Mitrea
  • Pe cărare � Edict
  • Tigrul siberian � Gina Pop Band
  • Lumea asta nu-i a mea – Gaşca de Acasă
  • Hai – Delia
  • Mai presus de speranţe – Marius Dragomir
  • The Romanian semifinals will take place on 24th and 25th February, leading up to the grand final on 26th February. The eventual winner has a direct place in the international final in Athens, thanks to a third place for Romania at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

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