Beovizija participants revealed

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Serbian broadcaster RTS has released the list of performers and songs competing in Beovizija, the Serbian half of the national Eurovision preselection, to be held in the Sava Centar in Belgrade on 10th March.

The twelve highest placed songs will take part in the final selection Evropesma the following day, together with the highest twelve from the Montenegrin selection Montevizija held on 24th February.

Serbia and Montenegro go directly to the Eurovision Song Contest final on the 20th of May, thanks to No Name's 7th place in Kyiv last year.

Here is a full list of the performers and songs:

1. Maler
Performer(s): Blah, blah bend
Music: Bojan Vasić
Lyrics: Lidija Rosić

2. Iskrena pesma
Performer(s): Julija i Julija
Music: Vuk Protić
Lyrics: Vuk Protić

3. Izabran
Performer(s): Ivana Selakov
Music: Srđan Simić Kamba
Lyrics: Strahinja Kne�ević

4. Kapija
Performer(s): Biber
Music: Rastko Aksentijević
Lyrics: Ramirez, Rastko Aksentijević

5. Da ti se dlanovi zalede
Performer(s): Aleksandra Radović
Music: Aleksandra Milutinović
Lyrics: Aleksandra Milutinović, Ljilja Jorgovanović

6. Blizina
Performer(s): Zvezde Granda i �aban Bajramović
Music: Zoran Lesendrić
Lyrics: Ljilja Jorgovanović

7. Greh
Performer(s): Tijana Dapčević
Music: Dragan Brajović Braja
Lyrics: Dragan Brajović Braja

8. Lazarica
Performer(s): Ivana Jordan
Music: Ivana Jordan
Lyrics: Ivana Jordan

9. Romale romali
Performer(s): Ana Nikolić
Music: Zoran Lesendrić
Lyrics: Ljilja Jorgovanović

10. Ludi letnji ples
Performer(s): Flamingosi feat. Luis
Music: Goran Stanković, Ognjen Amid�ić
Lyrics: Ognjen Amid�ić

11. Kada ti treba
Performer(s): Maja Nikolić
Music: Aleksandar Kraljević
Lyrics: Leontina Vukomanović

12. Ni�ta o njoj
Performer(s: Nevena
Music: Leontina Vukomanović
Lyrics: Leontina Vukomanović

13. Poruka za ljubav: Ivana Kne�ević
Muzika: Aleksandar Kobac
Tekst: Svetlana Slavković

14. Bajka
Performer(s: Propaganda 117
Music: Aleksandar Sretenović
Lyrics: Aleksandar Sretenović

15. Konak
Performer(s: Ana Bekuta
Music: Zoran Marjanović
Lyrics: Sa�a Milo�ević

16. Vatrena
Performer(s): Koktel bend
Music: Bojan Jeremić
Lyrics: Zoran Zlatanović

17. Sve ili ni�ta
Performer(s): Marko Jeftić
Music: Srđan Simić Kamba
Lyrics: Aleksandar Tomić

18. Jednom pokidano
Performer(s): Blizanci
Music: Aleksandar Peri�ić Romario
Lyrics: Aleksandar Tomić

19. Kad me jednom za te ne bude
Performer(s): Vanja Radovanović
Music: �eljko Subotić
Lyrics: �eljko Subotić, Brane Marinković

20. Otrezni me
Performer(s): �elimir Petrović
Music: Nena Leković
Lyrics: Nena Leković

21. Osvoji me
Performer(s): Enes Ukić
Music: Rade Radivojević
Lyrics: Enes Ukić, Dina Drpljanin

22. Nisam kriv
Performer(s): Dejan Vozlić
Music: Dejan Vozlić
Lyrics: Dejan Vozlić

23. Kap po kap
Performer(s): Romana
Music: Goran Stanković
Lyrics: Sa�a Milo�ević Mare,Ljilja Jorgovanović

24. Neopisivo
Performer(s): Slađa Ivani�ević
Music: Leontina Vukomanović
Lyrics: Leontina Vukomanović

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